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  24/7 Advanced Technical Support System (ATSS)

Need help urgently? Use our ATSS to get answers to your questions or resolve problems with your hosting immediately with one of our support staff. Our ATSS can be accessed by clicking the link below.

(going to make a neat ATSS pic for here)

  IRC Network

Is our ATSS currently overloaded, or down for upgrades? Try getting in touch with one of our staff members through our IRC network. The network address along with the channels to reach us in can be found below.

Network: irc.151.net

Channels: #151 (Main) - #151-Support (Support)

  Solutions and E-Mail
Alot of common questions you may have could be located on our solutions page which is updated every time we receive the same question from more than one customer.
And if after you've tried all of these you still don't have your problem resolved please go to the contact page and send one of our technicians an e-mail and as soon as they receive it they will e-mail you back with the answer to your problems, or if you would rather, provide them with your screen name (AIM/MSN/Yahoo/ICQ are the only messengers currently used by our technicians) and they will attempt to contact you as soon as they receive your e-mail (Note: if technician cannot contact you via one of the above messengers, they will revert to e-mail)
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